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Business Development

We develop efficient concepts for your business – innovative and professional ideas that significantly simplify complex processes, and that your key partners and clients are grateful to receive and integrate into their operations.

Our experts dispose over a broad base of know-how in the financial services, healthcare, hospitality, retail, consumer goods and insurance industries, which enables us to offer you reliable and future-proof solutions for your key fields of growth.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our team of experts assists clients in mergers and acquisitions, helping them quickly maximize value, while at the same time minimizing risk.

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Digital Transformation

We help companies shape and continually optimize their products, services and environments based on insights gained from data. The efficient and effective solutions we develop generate more sales and earnings for our clients and gain them market shares.

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Healthcare & Transportation

Our expertise here lies in software and app developments that focus on the automating of deployment plans for emergency services. This helps activate new revenue sources, improves the service quality and increases profits. We extract existential information on the patient's situation and give medics the highest level of security in application- specific situations.

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Optimizing Logistics Chains

We bring various logistics and transport processes together on individually customized analogue and digital management platforms, reducing costs and complexity. We help optimize routes and productivity, and improve the punctuality of your service staff.

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Energy & Utilities

We help utility enterprises build on their strategic partnerships, acquire new customers and establish innovative customer-loyalty systems.

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Real Estate

For many years now, we have collaborated highly successfully with renowned family offices, semi- institutional and institutional investors.

Identifying and selling high-revenue business parks, shopping centres, hotels, care facilities, residential properties, agricultural and forestry land operations – and hunting grounds all around Europe.

Business Parks & Shopping Centres

The two main things that define good commercial real estate are profitability and efficiency.

We identify and market industrial and logistics properties – highly efficiently and with a sharp eye for potential improvements in costs and functionality.

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Hotels & Care Facilities

We identify suitable properties and target groups with a structured and goals-oriented approach, selecting, evaluating, addressing and supporting them from the word "go".

We know that in particular nursing and care buildings are a good solution when it comes to providing security and profitability for the future, because life expectancies are lengthening continuously.

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Residential Real Estate

Living space is more crucial than ever today; a fact that ensures its long- term value growth. We broker exclusive participations in existing properties and development projects – so you can build up profitable assets with stable and reliable revenues.

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Agriculture and Forestry Land Operations

We are active all-around Europe in the field of agricultural and forestry properties, for example brokering forest, arable and pasture land, forestry estates and crop farms.

The range of forest estates and operations we represent extends from quality pine and oak through to all common construction and industrial timber types.

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Hunting Grounds

For an exclusive clientele, we find agricultural and forest estates with over 75 ha of connected area (the minimum size for private hunting preserves) all over Europe. There are often still buildings on these properties, such as old farmhouses, manors, stately homes or hunting lodges.

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